Grand Community Church
Where You're More Than a Member, You're Family!



Welcome to our website! Grand Community Church is a contemporary, non-denominational, bible teaching, Christ centered church located in Springfield, Mo.

We believe that God wants us to have revelation and not just information about His Word.

Grand Community Church is made up of believers who are on an exciting journey with Jesus as our guide. Come join us and see why people everywhere are saying, "When you're at Grand Community Church, you're more than a member, you're family!"




We have no formal dress code, contemporary worship, bible-based teachings and a passion to serve the Lord Jesus Christ! 

We are not about a religion, we are about a relationship with God through His Son Jesus. If you want to experience church on a personal and love filled level than Grand Community Church is the place where you want to worship.

Our people and staff are more than just members, we are family and your welcome to join us each week as we journey toward the exciting things that God has in store for all of us. Don't miss out on what God may be calling you to do in life. Perhaps it starts right here at Grand Community Church.


                        We believe in discipleship and
                        understand that it takes time
                        to grow in Christ. 
                      People First
                       We care about our community
                       and therefore offer counseling
                       and support to those in need.
                    Share Our Vision
                    Has God blessed you with a gift?
                    Are you skilled or talented?
                    If so we welcome your help!


11am - Sunday

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